Aqua Pump

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Positive Displacement Fluid Pump 0-1000psi, 2-100GPM

Composite Piston Pumps for reverse osmosis and other demanding applications.

Compact, Lightweight, rugged, long lasting, easy to service

Product Description

CHPT’s revolutionary Aqua Pump represent a significant advance in positive displacement pump technology for a variety of corrosive and non- corrosive applications.  Aqua Pump’s are constructed from modern, rugged composites and polymers for unparalleled performance in a complete range of sizes.  Here’s what makes the patented Aqua Pump so special.

Weighs less, lasts longer – CHPT’s Aqua Pump combine axial swash plate pumping technology with modern composite materials to reduce weight by up to 90% compared to conventional multiplex designs.  The Aqua Pump also significantly reduce corrosion and extend service life.

Oil Free System – Originally designed to pump seawater under high pressure, these versatile pumps use the pumping medium to hydrodynamically lubricate the pumps polymer bearings.  The lubrication method allows for virtually frictionless pumping, eliminates the need for oil, and the risk of pumping fluid contamination.

Fewer parts, easier service – The Aqua Pump’s exclusive design eliminates packing, slingers, diaphrams, oil seals, mechanical backlash, and more.  Fewer moving parts means less downtime with typically only annual maintenance required.

High speed operation – Multiple pistons and high speed operation produce smooth, low pulsation fluid output.  Elimination of suction stabilizers and pulsation dampeners result in additional cost, weight, and space savings.

Direct motor coupling – The compact, high speed design allows direct coupling to the motor, precluding alighnment hassles and the need for sheaves, belts, base plates, and shrouds.

Tested and proven wordwide – Each Aqua Pump is tested and inspected before it leaves the factory to ensure reliable, long lasting performance.

CHPT’s Aqua Pump Specifications:





Discharge Capacity

4 – 7 GPM

12 – 28 GPM

32-41 GPM

Maximum Discharge Pressure

1000 PSI/69 bar

1000 PSI/69 bar

1000 PSI/69 bar

Maximum Feed Pressure

100 PSI

100 PSI

100 PSI

Number of Pistons

5, 7

5, 7, 9


Piston Diameter

.750 in.

1.000 in.

1.000 in.

Operating Speed

1750 RPM

1750 RPM

1750 RPM

Maximum Fluid Temperature




Inlet Port Size

1⁄2 in. NPT (female)* 1 in. NPT (male)*

1 1⁄4  in. NPT (male)*

Discharge Port Size

1⁄2 in. NPT (female)*

1 in. NPT (male)*

1 1⁄4  in. NPT (male)*

Coolant Port Size

3⁄8 in. NPT (female)

3⁄8 in. NPT (female)

1⁄2 in. NPT (female)

Overall Diameter

7.4 in./188 mm

9.8 in./249 mm

11.8 in./300 mm

Length, to End Shaft

9.5 in./241 mm

14.4 in./366 mm

17.1 in./434 mm

Estimated Weight

18 lbs/8.2 kg

48 lbs/21.8 kg

65 lbs/29.5 kg

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 8 x 50 in


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